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The Cycle: Frontier Hacks and Cheats


• Toggle Aimbot
• Silent Aimbot
• FOV 
• Aimbot Smooth
• Bones selection


• Player info
• ESP Health
• ESP Box
• Distance
• ESP Loot
• ESP Corpse
• ESP Vehicle


• Crosshair
• No Recoil
• 2D Radar

Status Active
Version Steam
CPU AMD & Intel
OS Windows 8/10/11 (all updates since 2018)
HWID Spoofer Included
Game Mode Any


The Cycle: Frontier Cheat Features

The Cycle: Frontier Aimbot:
Toggle Aimbot - enable all the aimbot settings of the hack.
Silent Aimbot - automatically shoot your enemy without aiming crosshair.
FOV - Field of View, aimbot will work within the selected range.
Aimbot Smooth - adjust the smoothness of the aiming.
Bones Selection - select the aiming area of the enemy's model.

The Cycle: Frontier ESP:
Player info - show nickname of enemies.
ESP Health - show health of enemies.
ESP Box - highlight your enemy with the box.
Distance - show distance between a player and an enemy.
ESP Corpses - show corpses.

The Cycle: Frontier MISC:
Crosshair - put a crosshair in a midle of the screen.
No Recoil - shoot with no recoil.

2D Radar - show enemies on the radar.

The Cycle: Frontier Hacks Are Undetected

And by this we mean that our The Cycle: Froniter hacks are really undetected. With the help of an individual method of encryption for every user, the anti-cheat cannot track the information of the running cheat. However, it is still important not to go rage hacking due to the risk of getting banned by other players reports.

The Cycle: Frontier HWID Spoofer

The Cheats4PRO The Cycle: Frontier Hack and Cheats are staying undetected for a long time, nevertheless if you got unlucky by finding a wrong provider at first and got your hardware ID banned, the HWID Spoofer will be at your service. It's possible to lift your block without buying a new computer setup.

Stream Proof The Cycle: Frontier Cheats

Want to record a video, stream your gameplay or screenshare but don't want others to know that you are playing with hacks? You can enable the option for hiding the visuals on broadcasting of the cheat by pressing hot keys ALT + CTRL + SHIFT + D. By pressing the same combination you can bring it back.

What is Cheats 4 PRO

Cheats4Pro is a team of skilled developers, specialized in cheats for popular online video games. Started as a strictly private hacks oriented development, known to underground cheaters from related forums, it grew to something more as the years went on. To this day we offer hacks for more than 8+ games and serve well our users with frequent updates and satisfying their needs. We got decent community on both private and public Discord servers, you can look up to the latter one for reviews before deciding if you want to be a part of it. In addition we can guarantee you that your account will be fully secured and protected from a game ban, every product we got is getting tested by our special tester team after every update. It won't be possible for you to run the hack before we make sure that everything is okay! For truly great game hacking experience you can start with a smaller subscription to see if it actually suits you and so that you'll probably become our lifetime member. Looking in future, we definetely see it grow beyond the current bounds. As our coding team gets bigger and skilled, it will be possible to expand our slot limits (unfortunately we still have such limits for the sake of the security). So if you're still reading it, there might be a chance for you to start playing with our hacks today. 

How to Buy The Cycle: Frontier Cheats?

You can choose one of the available plans below and click "Buy" to get directed to payment page. If you have never used our cheats before, you will have to purchase an individual bypass first (we charge fifty dollars additionally for that). It is a unique method of encryption to bypass anti-cheat and it is necessary for keeping your account secured and undetected.


  • $ 300 / lifetime
  • Buy
  • $ 50 / month
  • Buy
  • $ 30 / week
  • Buy

Why there is payment for individual bypass? It is because it requires some additional work for bypassing anti-cheat before we can set up your account to play with our hacks safely.

Can I Trust Your Software? We take security very seriously. We use advanced encryption algorithms to protect our software and secure your data.

Are there any technical requirements? Our script is a standalone software that supports every hardware and works on any Windows operating system.

Do I need to disable my Anti Virus? Our software is well protected and encrypted, that’s why some antiviruses may flag it as potential malware. We work with most well-known antivirus companies and provide our software for analysis to remove the false-positives.

Which payment methods do you offer? We accept CC, Crypto and PayPal (not P2P).

What happens after I have paid? After payment you will get instant access to our Customer Panel and all the resources.

If I need help or have problems, will you help me? We have a dedicated support team to help you if you run into problems.

Is your service really helpful? We have a very friendly and responsive community, you can join our Discord and ask our existing customers a question. You can also read customer reviews on our Discord server

Do I need to change my settings? We support every mouse sensitivity and DPI. Our advanced algorithms support any resolution and format.

Do you support my hardware? We support every mouse and keyboard. Controllers are supported too.

Can I share my license with friends? It is prohibited to share/resell the license.



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