2 July 2022 Status: Undetected

!!!Our client uses various Anti-Anti-Cheat techniques that might make it wrongly detected as a virus. You need to tweak your Anti-Virus protection to allow the client to be downloaded and run.!!! 
How to disable Windows Defender - VIDEO

Installation Process

1. Close all launched games

2. Extract files from the archive you downloaded. Password to archive is 123.

3. Run C4Loader.exe

4. If you've done everything right, the loader has to be executed. You need to log into your account that you registered on our website.

5. If you already got any acquired accesses to hack (if not, purchase one here), you may choose it, do a little bit of preparation (setting a path, binding a key etc.) and load the setup.

6. Run your game after loading is done. If you have any issues, reach out to our support team on Discord


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